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What Did the Earliest Christians Believe?

Episode 25 • Featuring Dennis Johnson

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Shane Rosenthal
Dennis Johnson
Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives.
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What were some of the notable features of the earliest Christian sermons? What sort of things did they have in common, and how do they compare with the messages we’re likely to hear in Christian circles today? Shane Rosenthal discusses these questions and more with Dr. Dennis Johnson, author of The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption, and Let’s Study Acts.

• Recommended books by Dennis Johnson: Journeys with Jesus, The Message of Acts in the History of Redemption, Let’s Study Acts, and Him We Proclaim.

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• The image above featuring the Jerusalem Temple from the vantage point of Solomon’s Portico is a production of Archaeology Illustrated, and has been used by permission. According to John 10:23, Acts 3:11, and 5:12, Jesus and his followers frequently met in this area.

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