Jan 3 • 49M

Faith & Proof

Episode 7 • Featuring Special Guest, Mike Farley

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Shane Rosenthal
Mike Farley
Shane Rosenthal was raised in a Jewish home but became an atheist at a very early age. Some years later, however, he ended up losing faith in atheism and converted to Christianity. On this podcast he talks with people from a wide variety of worldviews and perspectives in order explore the beliefs and ideas that shape our lives.
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What is the relationship between faith and proof? Shane Rosenthal discusses this question with Dr. Mike Farley of Covenant Theological Seminary. How did the Israelites come to believe that Moses really spoke with God, and how did his writings become so authoritative among the ancient Hebrews? Was it just a leap of faith? That’s the focus of this edition of The Humble Skeptic podcast (click here for part 2).

• If you would like to investigate the topic of this episode further, earlier this year Shane wrote a related article titled, “Why Should We Believe the Bible?” which you can find here.

• Reference was made on this episode to an interview Shane conducted with Daniel Boyarin, author of The Jewish Gospels. You can listen to that conversation here.

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