The most important aspect of answering "Is faith irrational?" is to ensure that we understand what the current working definition of "faith" is. I never bring up faith unless my interlocutor does so, and when they do, I ask them to tell me how they define it, and then work from that definition. If I don't take that important step, then the interlocutor almost always accuses me of "using the wrong definition of faith".

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Well, Bill Maher stops way short in his indictment of faith per se; he should have included the rest of culture, politics, media, education, and society at large by accusing them as well of 'the purposeful suspension of critical thinking', don't you - uh - think?

Hate to say it, but I don't think we will have a majority of critical thinkers out there until we all become humble skeptics about the onslaught of truth claims that bombard us daily from a variety of sources. We're more inclined to stay in our comfort zones of groupthink (algorithm think?) than spending the time and effort for individual investigation.

Of course, we may lose a few friends and colleagues along the way, but I don't think Christ was a team player, was he? Didn't nearly all of his disciples abandon him at the cross (Mark 14:27)?

Let's not give any more fodder to the critics of our Christian witness by talking drivel. Know what you believe, and articulate why you believe it!

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